Too Long ; Didn't Read!

Dear Followers and otherwise Twitter users,

Due to my extreme laziness and a taste for quick and usable stuff, I'm not going to click on a ...(cont) link in your tweet if that tweet cannot fit in Twitter.

Yeah, I know, 140 chars ain't much, but that's the rules. If it doesn't fit in 140 chars, it doesn't belong in Twitter.

If it's more than 140 chars, you still have a number of options to consider:

  1. Make it shorter. As trivial as it sounds, it's often possible and a good writing exercise.
  2. Split your initial message and write two tweets (but don't abuse this)
  3. Send me an email if I'm the intended recipient of your tweet
  4. Or even, write a short blog post so anyone can read it

Anyway, I suggest you turn off your Twitter client option that can post those ...(cont) links (Tweetdeck's, TwitLonger, etc...)

Thanks for your attention!

Yours truly,